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Here we go...

I guess I decided to do this as I have a lot of things to talk about. My problem is that I have too many interests, I’ve become a bit of a jack of all trades, master of none. I don’t really mind though.

I’m 29. It’s a weird place to be. I don’t feel old but I definitely don’t feel young anymore. I’ll look back in years to come and realise that I am young, and think ‘I’d love to be 29 again.’

After all, I felt old when I hit 25, but now that seems so young only 4 years down the line.

Life really does move fast, but at the same time things from my childhood seem like they existed in a completely different lifetime.

Anyway, in this blog I’m going to be speaking (well writing) about all kinds of things, whatever takes my fancy really. I suppose music and sport are my main passions, but I’m going to be speaking about general life stuff too. I don’t want to limit myself to writing on a particular subject, that seem’s like it could boring, real fast!

This seems like a good way to get things off my chest, helping me to grow as a person and a creator.

Let’s see where it goes.

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