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3QO Part One: Frank Turner

Welcome to 3 Questions Only! If you haven’t read the introduction to this new blog section you can do so here.

Talk about starting things off with a bang! In part one I am lucky enough to ask three questions to one of my favourite singer/songwriters and a man who has been hugely influential on my music, Frank Turner!

Frank has had three UK top 10 albums, a string of hit singles and is currently promoting his new book Try This At Home: Adventures in Songwriting.

I had the opportunity to see Frank perform live last year and it became clear to me that he is one of the hardest working musicians on the scene. His energetic and heart felt set was a cardio workout in itself, and he tours a lot! Honestly, I don’t know how he keeps it up.

So when I got the chance to ask him three questions, I jumped at the opportunity!

Here we go, 3 Questions Only with Frank Turner!

1. What keeps you motivated to continue writing, recording and touring on such a constant basis?

I think that life is short, there isn't nearly enough time to get all the things I want to do done. So in that case it's vital to make the most of the time that I do have. Thankfully, thus-far I haven't run out of ideas for songs, and I haven't fallen out of love with touring, playing shows and so on. And finally, I'm fortunate to have a connection to enough of an audience to sustain myself doing this for the foreseeable future, and it seems to me it would be remiss to let that rare opportunity go.

2. As a songwriter, do you set time aside to write or is it something that just happens when inspiration strikes?

The basic inputs for each song - ideas for melody, lyrics, arrangements and so on - show up in the manner and time of their own choosing. Once those basic ingredients are on the table, I have to spend a lot of time fashioning them into songs, and that's a more workaday process, something I have to put time aside to do as and when I need to have material finished for albums or whatever.

3. You are a touring veteran! Are there any countries that you have not had the chance to play but would like to?

In essence, I'd like to go anywhere I haven't yet been. South America is pretty much top of my list for that, though I've been happy to have shows in Portugal, Greece and Bulgaria already this year.

I’d like to thank Frank for taking part in this and hope to be able to bring you more from great names in music!

Photo by Getintothis’ Tomas Adam

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